Cooking Tips

Grass finished meat is a very good alternative to grain fed meat choices as it is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol and still high in protein while having a more balanced Omega 3 — Omega 6 ratio. There isn't any gamey taste to our meats like what you find in hunted or wild meats. In most recipes you can easily substitute what you're used to cooking with with our grass fed meats. However since the meat is so lean care must be taken not to overcook it.

Grass finished lean meat is at its best rare or medium rare. Never cook it past medium. Over cooking your grass finished meat destroys the nutrient value of it. Never, ever use a microwave to cook it either. If you're unfamiliar with cooking grass finished lean meats try marinating it first. See marinade recipe below. By using a meat thermometer you will be able to enjoy your flavorful, juicy grass finished meat every time.

Simple Marinade: Mix together equal parts (1/4 cup) of oil & vinegar & add your favorite spices (not salt) in a zipper baggy or marinating dish. Then put in your meat in a zipper bag & let sit for 1-24 hours in fridge. Experiment with different types of oils & vinegars for different flavors.

Steaks should be cooked very hot and fast on a barbecue or broiler oven. Three — five minutes a side is about right. For a 5 Star Touch add a pat of butter just before serving… Amazingly Delicious!

Roasts may be cooked in a number of ways:

Slow Cooker: Place roast in slow cooker (frozen or thawed) at the lowest setting. Cover with water mixed with bouillon or barbecue sauce. Cook for 6-12 hours depending on cut. If you don't have a slow cooker put roast in a covered pot and put into the oven using the same method as described above at 250-300 degrees F.

Oven: Braise roast at 5oo degrees F for 15 minutes turning every few minutes to ensure even browning. Then reduce heat to 250-300 degrees F for 1-2 hours until thermometer reads to rare/medium rare. Roast could also be seared in frying pan with garlic and pepper before being put into the oven.

Barbecue: Roasts can also be put on the rotisserie or covered in foil and placed on the grill for 1 1/2-3 hours with the heat on one burner on low. Check with thermometer often for desired doneness.

Thawing a Turkey

Fast Method

Place the wrapped frozen turkey in a sink or a large container and cover completely with cold water. Allow 1 hour per pound of turkey (2 hours per kilogram).

Regular Method

Place the wrapped frozen turkey on a pan in the refrigerator. Allow 5 hours per pound (10 hours per kilogram) of turkey. (A twenty pound turkey will take approximately 4 days to thaw).