Elk or Wapiti as we refer to them in North America are a very majestic animal. Elk are indigenous to this area-originally a plains animal they do very well on our ½ section of rolling hills & plains. The elk migrate throughout the day to different parts of their pastures. Early in the morning & towards evening you can see them regally surveying all that is about them. Everything about them is regal – the way they walk, the way they hold their head and the way they stop to listen to any potential threats. The elk cows are very protective of their young and have been known to surround a coyote or a fox to drive them away or even destroy them. The elk bulls can be quite aggressive in the rut when they are with their females. We leave them alone and do not interfere with them at these times. If we have to move them to a new pasture we just leave gates open for them to find their own way to avoid injury or stress.

The elk are completely grass or hay finished depending on the season. We grow all our own hay chemical free so we have complete control over what each animal eats. It takes longer to finish an elk as it has a longer, leaner frame that matures more slowly than either the beef or the bison.

We offer only the Premium Elk Cuts from animals between the ages of 24-48 months. This ensures tender succulent cuts every time. All other cuts go into ground, sausage or burger patties.

There are many health benefits of eating grass finished elk. Since it is finished on grass it has more Omega 3's than feed lot animals, it's leaner than any other red meat — it has only 1.9 grams of fat/100 gram serving and it is also extremely low in cholesterol. See our nutritional chart below.

Nutritional Comparison of Elk Meat

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, here’s how a 100 gram (g) serving of elk meat compares nutritionally with other lean meats.

Meat Calories Fat
Elk 146 1.9 73 30.2
Skinless Chicken 190 7.4 89 28.9
Skinless Turkey 170 5.0 76 29.9
Beef 211 9.3 86 29.9
Pork 212 9.7 86 29.3
Veal 196 6.6 118 31.9
Duck 201 11.2 89 23.5

Elk Products

All our primal elk cuts are aged 21 days and are individually flash frozen then vacuum packed for maximum freshness.


Available in whole, halves or medallions

New York Steaks & Rib Eye Steaks

Sirloin Steaks

We cut every steak 1" thick for the perfect grilled steak every time!

Sirloin Tip Roast

Rump Roasts

Our boneless roasts are 3-4 lbs — the perfect size for the average family.

Lean Ground

Our ultra lean ground comes in 1 lb packages the right size for all your favorite recipes.

Burger Patties

Our convenient, premade burger patties come 4 in a package and are 6oz each of 100% pure elk meat.


Our elk sausage is mixed with 20% bison. Please request our email newsletter for current sausage selection.


Regular or Pepper.

Soup Bones

Limited supply.

Pet Food
Ground Heart/Tongue/Liver/Kidneys
We grind & mix the heart, tongue & liver from our elk — approximately 1-2 lb packages.
Ground Elk Meat

Dog Bones

Order by the pound or by the 30-40 pound case.

Elk Ivory Jewellery

Every elk has 2 ivory teeth in their mouth. When we process the animal we harvest the ivories and make them into one of a kind jewellery pieces.

Elk Antler Buckles

Elk Hide Gloves

Prices subject to change without notice.