Free Range Laying Hens

We have built a small flock of heritage laying chickens. These hens are more hardy than commercial breeds and many of them are several years old. The older a hen gets the larger the egg she lays. Through the spring, summer & fall the hens are free range and roam all over our property to eat grass and bugs while enjoying the sun. In addition to the grass the hens enjoy a vegan ration. Overnight they return to the coop for safety and to lay their eggs in a nest in the morning. We control parasites and illness with diatomaceous earth, colloidal silver and raw apple cider vinegar. In the winter months the hens are in a free run open barn where they socialize freely with each other while going about their daily business. Besides their winter vegan grain and flax seed ration we supplement them with vegetable scraps, scattered corn, oyster shell & grit so they can scratch all day to their hearts content! Our rainbow eggs are a colorful assortment that have bright yellowy-orange yolks and are packed full of flavor & nutrition!

Pastured Poultry

Whole Pastured Chickens

When we first started raising our Cornish Giant broiler (meat) chickens one of our customers dubbed our birds as being "Happy Chickens" because they are able to forage outside freely and are able to socialize in a stress free environment. Our chickens are started in the barn in the spring and then moved on to their pasture when they are 4 weeks old. There they have sheds to get out of the weather when it's too hot or rainy. They have grass and bugs to nibble on all day while being allowed to socialize with each other outside in the sunshine — just like nature intended! Our chickens are raised throughout the spring, summer & early fall. Tender & juicy every time no seasoning required — just roast — mmm… delicious! Available from mid June while supplies last.

Chicken Parts — Request our email newsletter for current availability and pricing of chicken parts.

Whole Pastured Turkeys

Our turkeys are started in the barn in the spring and summer then moved on to their pasture when they are 4 weeks old. We have raised both Nicolas White and Heritage Bronze Broad Breasted turkeys. The turkeys are very curious creatures love to follow us around the barn yard. They are great at cleaning up all the weeds and bug population during the summer months. At night they love to roost as high up as possible and once they can fly they usually roost on our 12' elk handling facility! Once you try one of our pasture raised turkeys Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners are never the same. Unbelievably moist and delicious! Delivered fresh at Thanksgiving and Christmas you've never tasted anything this good! Limited Quantities — Don't be disappointed — Order Early

Unpasteurized Honey

We are proud to offer you our All Natural Unpasteurized Honey. The hives are positioned to pollinate our hay crop and our first harvest gave us approximately 125 lbs of rich delicate amber colored honey. Honey is Nature's healthy sugar. We use honey daily in everything: baking, coffee, tea, cooking – even in our smoothies & on our oatmeal. Honey is rich in many minerals: iron, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, and phosphorous as well as high in vitamin C. It's fascinating to watch the bees collecting nectar and building up their hives. It's amazing that in its lifetime one bee will produce only 1/10th of a teaspoon of honey. Keeping bees gave us a greater appreciation of the value of a bee. Without them there would be nothing. Bees are a farmer's best friend.